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    ok i'm wondering if there is a way to do with the pre as they did with the ipod and iphone

    i'm talking about the whole cydia and all that, a way to get apps for free.

    i know that our homebrew is better than the normal app store ATM.

    but once the app store really gets off... is there a way to get the apps for free? like they did with the ipod and iphone?

    i was trying to find "classic" because 30$ is ALOT for an app....

    thanks all.
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    Are you asking on if anyone is developing a way to ensure the developer's kids have to eat dogfood cuz you don't want to pay for their work?
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    exactly. if you want to put it that blatantly.
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    How about you Develop your own app that has that capability.
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    I don't know. I guess you should check with the developers who want to help you take food out of their own mouths. You might find some who do.
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    No one is going to help you steal software in this forum. Aside from the moral issues, its probably a great way to get banned.
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    I think this post should get bumped until the OP _is_ banned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    I think this post should get bumped until the OP _is_ banned.
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    You are not so bright, eh?
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