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    So I had an insteresting issue with my pre this morning. I was in the car and got a call. I took the call via the car's bluetooth and the phone would not stop vibrating. It vibrated during the entire call and did not stop even after I hung up. I thought maybe if I unlocked the phone during the call it would stop, but I just got the "blue cloud screen" with no buttons. Very weird. Anyone else have this issue? I finally had to reboot the phone to get it to stop.
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    This has been a serious annoyance for me too. I can't predict it but often when I receive calls, the phone starts vibrating and won't stop. It vibrates while I am talking on the phone. It keeps vibrating after I hang up. A reboot is the only fix. It happens 3 or 4 times a day for me and I hate it.
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    It happened to me once, and re-booting solved it. If you're phone is doing 3 or 4 times a day it's got to be reason enough for them to replace it
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    This happened to me the other day as well. If it happens more than once, I'd definately talk to support.

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