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    I just connected my Pre via USB and noticed a bunch of .REC files (from FSCK0000.REC thru FSCK0013.REC) in the main root directory of the Pre, and range from 32k to 160k. I can actually open these files up on my PC using Quicktime and they look like a single-frame video of a picture (of a photo on my device). Any idea how these are being created? Where they are coming from?
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    Those are probably recovered files from your pre's filesystem. Did your phone unexpectedly crash or did you not properly remove the device from Windows when you used the Pre in USB mode to copy some pictures/videos over?
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    ah, yes... had some weird behavior recently, esp with trying to install Apps (i have another thread about that). so it should be safe to delete them, right?
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    I have files like this on mine and one of them is like 220 MB so it got me wondering as well since I don't think there is a single file on the file system that large to be a dump of a corrupt file. No crashes and no warning messages from disconnecting from the pc. I too am clueless as to where they came from. One day they weren't there and the next they were. Anyone know what generated them? I'd like to have more than just guesswork.
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    That too odd. I too decided to check my phone today via the usb connection and saw the same thing. Can we deleted these???
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    A quick google search reveals that a program called f s c k.vfat (basically linux version of windows check disk) creates them and they are recovered data from a damaged folder or space on the file system. Thought I'm still confused since they just showed up with no indication that there was a file system issue (popup saying there was a problem or anything like that). What bothers me more is I could have files missing that became part of those data dumps. But I can't imagine what files. It makes me leery of keeping photos or anything for that matter on my pre beyond a short period of time without a backup due to the idea that at any given moment I could lose them for no apparent reason if this is a new issue developing here. I see no relevent way of recovering anything from these files since there is no way of knowing what files the data came from.
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    you can see these file error messages, if you ssh into your phone over wifi or evdo and unplug the phone from the the usb port. i will figure out exactly how i did it bofore and write something up on it
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    Quote Originally Posted by hselomein View Post
    you can see these file error messages, if you ssh into your phone over wifi or evdo and unplug the phone from the the usb port. i will figure out exactly how i did it bofore and write something up on it
    Will that tell me what files were lost as a result?
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    So is it ok to delete these?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cagefighter View Post
    So is it ok to delete these?
    If there is no chance of recovering data from them or you don't care to bother trying to recover data from them then there is no reason to keep them. You can always copy them to the pc and then delete them off the pre if you so choose. Personally I want to find out what files got dumped into them to make sure it isn't something that I'm going to have no chance of trying to recover.
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    How do we see what are in these files?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cagefighter View Post
    How do we see what are in these files?
    I'm trying to find that out I have seen references to it being possible to look at the data to see if it can be figured out what may have gotten lumped into them. But nobody discussion what tools to use to look. I opened them in notepad but it shows only a few garbage characters. I use the new homebrew pc app to scan for stuff and found some files missing but then it is possible that those have nothing to do with these data dumps.
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    hi! i already experience a same problem, but for me it start after i put my new micro sd card then
    i transfer some file, video, and music from my previews micro sd card then after CUT and PASTE and when its finish
    i check it, all file that i transfer is missing but its still in the sd card because i scan it and it reflect that all those file, video and music is already there.
    I try to relog my phone and when i check to it again it becomes a tons of FSC0000.REC file, i don't get it why it happened,
    this is the first time i encounter a problem like that. please help

    thank you in advance!!
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    When you mention SD card, is this card in your phone? This is a forum for webOS phones, which did not have SD slots. You are reviving a thread from 2009.

    Are you using a Palm Pre or other webOS device?

    Reading the thread above, I'd guess that maybe there is a problem in the file transfer process. Either in the system or possibly there is a connection problem (cable?). If the files are corrupted in the transfer process, they might be recovered in this form.

    Again, I'm only guessing from what is written above in this thread.

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