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    By now we have all heard about the limitations to coding for the pre. Which has great hardware under the hood but strangely no way to access it properly. Out of all the complaints about visual voicemail, video recording, etc. For someone debating between the Hero and the Pre. Allowing developers more access to the hardware would make being patient with updates a little easier because lets face it people. When deciding between smartphones, what developers can do with the phone is a huge factor. Things like VVM will come in time but if we wait on the hardware access. Google phones and the iphone will being getting apps that simply arent possible or logical to put on the pre yet.

    SN: Its always interesting to see how long it takes large companies to put out updates for things they know people want when the homebrew guys are in their home tearing things up at an incredible rate.
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    +1 - An SDK that provides the API's for all aspects of the hardware would be very nice. Maybe allowing code in something other than JavaScript.
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    Its a pretty huge one. The interface could be sped up so much if OpenGL was used.

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