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    So far I am really happy with my Pre and the only problem that I have is sending emails I can get my emails from my IMAP server no problems at all, but sending keeps erring out saying that my login credentials are rejected.

    My outgoing smtp server is hosted by Comcast and it's their business smtp server. I have my laptop outlook setup to use the same server with the same login and password and port number provided. Via Outlook I have no problems sending email so I'm at a loss as to why the Pre email would barf.

    I have checked, double checked and triple checked the outgoing settings and everything is correct. On my Treo Pro I never had a problem with sending emails.

    If anyone can provide some help that would be great. If anyone is using the comcast SMTP business server to successfully send emails from their Pre I'd appreciate knowing how you set it up.

    Many thanks.
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    i host my own email server and had to allow plain authentication so the pre could connect to the smtp (CRAM-5 and LOGIN methods failed) could be the same issue
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    You could try as your smtp server. Then you would need to supply username and password in the "server uses authentication" section.
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    tcassio. I will try that. However, since I am a business user I think I might be forced to the business SMTP server, for which I do have a login and password that works just fine from Outlook and on other Palm devices. Personally I think it's just a Pre issue
  5.    #5 didn't work either Seems I am doomed for the time being to send emails.
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    Deleted my account and set it up again and works fine now !! Flakey or what?
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    Same problem with my domain hosting company - I'll prolly try deleting and setting it up again.
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    been trying to figure it out all week too to send out mail with my email server... finally broke down and called sprint to hear their version of why this business doesnt work.. the girl said to delete the account thats not working then create it again - for smtp settings:

    use authentication
    username: [whatever it says in device info> more info > NAI]
    passwerd: sprint
    no encryption
    and thats it...

    cant beleive the fr**in password!!!
    started working right away for me...
    anyone else have luck with this?

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