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    1. Utilities
    2. Multimedia apps
    3. Networking/Communications
    4. Fun/Games/Misc. downloaded apps
    5. System apps, things I rarely if ever use, and things I wish I could hide.
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    I guess I'm pretty basic...
    phone, email, web, messages, launcher
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    Quote Originally Posted by Markiec63 View Post
    I guess I'm pretty basic...
    phone, email, web, messages, launcher
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    1. Most common apps (Phone, Preware, official & homebrew catalogs, calculator, memos, Sprint Nav, etc)
    2. Communication / Internet apps & shortcuts (Facebook, CNN, Google Reader, QuickQueue, etc)
    3. Multimedia (Sprint TV, Youtube, Mucis Remix, Camera, photos, etc)
    4. Games
    5. Lesser used but useful apps (Translator, My Tether, Pack & Track, etc.)
    6. Stuff that's built in & rarely used.

    So I rarely need to go past the first 3 pages, (& usually use Universal Search anyway.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ruffrydasean View Post
    Honestly... I'm a little to lazy to sit there and rearrange everything because it's a tad slow when moving around apps/icons.
    Agree there. I just did it on my commute to work.
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    1. must used ones plus apps downloaded
    2. games
    3. updates, app store, file coaster, preware, clock, calendar, tasks and such...not quite system utilities
    4. system utilities, dev mode launcher
    5. rarely used ones like nascar, sprint tv, original music, amazon mp3...ones that i can't delete
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    1: Stock PIM, messaging, and phone apps w/ phone at 1st position
    2: Speed Dial Shortcuts w/ contacts at first position
    3: Web Shortcuts w/ web at 1st position
    4: App Catalog Apps w/ app catalog at 1st position
    5: Homebrew Apps w/ filecoaster at first position
    6: Stock Sprint Apps
    7: Settings and Preferences

    Wave: Messaging, Calendar, Tasks, Tweed

    I like having specific apps at certain positions so that at any time I simply determine the category of my destination and I can go right to the page instead of jumping around.
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    tweed in the wave? ha u are such a tweeter
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    Page 1 - Contacts & Calender
    Page 2 - Multimedia / Camera
    Page 3 - Homebrew / App Catalog Apps
    Page 4 - Sprint icons, productivity apps, and calculators
    Page 5 - Settings / Bluetooth, Device info etc .. page
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    New Pre Owner (6.6.09)

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