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    I am trying to take some screen shots from the web browser to use as wallpaper but now I can't eliminate the lower left & right icons in the browser for back and refresh. I was able to do this before they were there from the last update. Anyone know if this is possible to do and how?
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    you sure it worked before? i thought it was always the case that you were stuck with those icons.
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    My suggestion... take a screenshot a little more zoomed out than you need (so what you want is not covered by the icons)... then, pull up your screenshot, zoom in to where you really want it (i.e. so you remove the icons) and take another screenshot. Not the most elegant solution, but it works!
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    how do you take screen shots anyways ????
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    how do you take screen shots anyways ????
    Press the orange key, sym key amd letter P all at the same time. Then go to your photos and there will be a screen shot folder there.

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