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    Actually this was something that i thought about when I was buying the Pre, but didnt think it mattered enough to be a deal breaker. I DO agree that overhead lighting can make it tougher to read (snarky comments to the negative notwithstanding) but i can still keyboard pretty well. I actually have more issue with the backlight not being bright enough for some of the symbols when dialing in dark places...but again I can still manage.

    And my drunk texting comes out just as illegibly as ever. But I can't blame the keyboard for that...
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    Ok, Perhaps a WTF was a bit strong, and let me also add that if this is the only thing that I'm whining about it simply means that overall I think is a very good product - as I stated initially I truly believe that other issues I have will be solved with software.

    I have no issues with other physical things that others find objectionable (for what ever reason) the Oreo thing, the sharp edge and so on...
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    While I can turn the phone to an angle where I see nothing but a reflection of the lamps around me in each of the keys washing out my view of the characters, it's simply impossible for me to get the phone at an angle for natural use/viewing AND have that glare. I've tried this with lighting at every possible location above or around me. Just can't get the glare to wash out the symbols on the keys unless I turn the phone to an angle which I would not use it in (such as tilting the top very far back). Most of the time, when the glare starts to appear on the keys, my head blocks out the light from its source preventing it from washing out the keys.
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