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    Well I have had crashes. More and more actually. I think it has to do with the virtual keyboard. Often I will check my phone to see that it is off - completely. I then have to wait through the long boot up. It becomes really annoying if I am expecting a call only to see the phone has shut itself down.
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    well, I've had my phone since day 1, and it hasn't crashed yet.. I have tons of homebrew apps, as well as a few of the app catalog... The only thing that's been doing occationally is turning off when I close the slider... but i'm too lazy to get the refurbished unit with the extra padding for the battery.. :-(
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    Quote Originally Posted by sivan View Post
    Yeah yeah. My Centro was great and my G1 never had a single problem.

    Enjoy your famous day 1 Pre. One day it will be worth a lot.
    Lighten up, dude.
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    I do think it's funny, until the next crash.

    But I just realized that it might be a defective Touchstone cover, because we transferred it from the old Pre to this one. I'll try getting it replaced.
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    No shutdowns, resets or freezes since I replaced the phone.

    Just received a new Touchstone cover, but other than that one time it didn't get stuck in Touchstone mode. My car Touchstone turned out to be bad though. Too many variables here, but at least it's stable.
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