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    3 3.53%
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    9 10.59%
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    17 20.00%
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    34 40.00%
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    11 12.94%
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    11 12.94%
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    I know that the average rating for the Pre's Keyboard is pretty high, but how fast can the average person type on the Keyboard? Some of the reviews of the Pre out there say that the Pre keyboard is small and hard to type on. If so then people wouldn't like it and would type horrible speeds. To test this I found a online typing test that would be easy to use on the Pre and tried it! The one I found is at Speed Typing Test. I found that it is better to tap 'next' until you come to a passage that is 2 or 3 line long. My best time on it was 34 wpm! Now how fast can you type????
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    Was pretty much stable at 29 wpm. I'll have to check back in a few weeks after I've had the pre longer than 3 days .
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    sweet, I'm stable at about 41
    no 'Thanks'
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    had a 37 than a 34...
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    35 ..... with an error

    if i slow down a tad, i can do it with no errors. but the random semicolons and apostrophes really slowed me down, haha.
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    34 pretty straight up.
  7. #7 if I take the spelling errors out........12??

    I think I should take my mittens off?
  8. Xyg
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    I lied in my answer to the poll question to thwart analysts.
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    27 and then 31; just got my Pre yesterday and still getting used to the keyboard, though it's not as hard to type on as I'd originally thought.
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    Had the Pre since launch day, been typing on QWERTY handhelds since '05 ... got 38wpm. Not too bad, I suppose.
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    I'm hitting around 45-47 wpm pretty regularly. Of course, I just woke up 10 minutes ago. May try again later.

    Also, that was fixing my spelling mistakes. I don't like to make those.
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    25 to 30 for me on a couple trys.
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    Just did it again, and averaged out at 51 wpm. Good times.
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    About 40 wpm.
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    I got 37 with no mistakes. I no doubt type faster when I'm typinh from mind but 37 isn't that bad at all.
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    The second phrase is much easier to type. I maxed out at 50 wpm with one consistent error: I often hit the O instead of the P.
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    40-42, even correcting errors. Nice
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    I get between 40 and 50... Which is funny, because I thought I typed prett slow on here.
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    Are you supposed to do this in portrait mode with two thumbs or landscape with one?
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    About 20 a min for me, but I can get 1280 if I just copy and paste what they want me to type.*
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