View Poll Results: How fast can you type on the Pre's Keyboard?

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  • 0-10

    3 3.53%
  • 11-20

    9 10.59%
  • 21-30

    17 20.00%
  • 31-40

    34 40.00%
  • 41-50

    11 12.94%
  • Higher...

    11 12.94%
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  1. Andreas's Avatar
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    30-35 but my hands are quite big and english aint my first language.
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    About 31 WPM for me
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    40-45 wpm consistently with correcting errors. Considering my regular keyboard WPM is 85 on average that isn't that bad.

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    My results:
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    Of course this can also be gamed. I got the following result by copy & paste. The fastest I was able to get doing copy & paste on a PC was 13020 words per minute.
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    I got 47 wpm, so I'm happy. I'm doing faster now then I've ever done. Haha.
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    I'm one of those search and poke ******* and scored a 25 but sadly thats also what I scored on my PC
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    31-35 WPM for me. I'd love to see a legitimate poll for the virtual as well as horizontal smartphone keyboards and how they compare to the Pre's portrait slider.
  9. rprockey's Avatar
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    22 wpm. I'm not quick on a full kb either.
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    79 wpm. Do I win?
  11. eternal85's Avatar
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    Pics or it didn't' happen

    Or video ... whatever ...

    The Challenge: Type 79jwpm and capture it all on the Pre's built in camera, without a break in the video footage of you typing 79wpm, try that!!!!
  12. cgibin's Avatar
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    Got me a cool 60
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    averaged around forty. Wish the J key had a tab like f key
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    right around 38-39
  15. samp's Avatar
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    I truly cannot type on this thing. Could do 40+ on my treo and even faster on my iphone. This keyboard is just too small...
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    I get a constant ~60
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    Quote Originally Posted by samp View Post
    I truly cannot type on this thing. Could do 40+ on my treo and even faster on my iphone. This keyboard is just too small...
    I'm guessing your new to the Pre. You'll get used to it. I was never able to type this fast with any other phone (including the iPhone)...ever.
    Twitter: @Eddie255
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    I use to typing speed test

    What do you think ?

    My score is:
    33 correct words/min
    2 incorrect words/min
    214 typed characters/min

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    I want to know how this guy got 84wpm Test Statistics
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