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    Has anyone used this app yet and what were your thoughts.
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    I like Preware better. It tells you how many updates and what and lets you update. Just my 2
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    I have the Preware so I do not need the Preupdater app?
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    I have it and it works great.
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    I believe FileCoaster now supports update listings.
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    I feel like each one finds updates at different times. I have all 3
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    Here's my question...

    If I already am using webOS Quick Install and Preware, what does PreUpdater do for me?

    When a developer updates an app, webOS Quick Install and Preware will catch it almost instantly. And I am still keeping FileCoaster that also shows updates.

    How does PreUpdater fit in?

    - Craig
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    Now that Filecoaster supports updating, I just use that...

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