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    For some reason my ringtones stopped working...yet I do have sound. Yes, I went into sounds and my ringtone is turned on! Everything is turned on as loud as it can go, but ringtones will not work...any ideas? Am I going to have to do a reset?
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    Forgive me, but it sounds an awful lot like your mute switch is in the mute position.
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    This has happened to me before and i had to reboot the Pre to get it return to normal. I also had checked the mute button, but it was in the correct position
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    Do you mean none of your contacts are assigned a ringtone? That is the problem I am having now. I was wondering why my Pre didn't ring on a recent call, and when I went to look at contacts, everyone one of them said "add a ringtone".

    I tried going to sounds & settings and select a ringtone, but it looks like I will have to manually go in and manually assign over 100 contacts a ringtone. If this is your problem also, let me know if you find a fix

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