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    Yesterday I dropped my pre from 12 foot ladder onto a tile floor. Yikes - I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. I climbed down to pick it up and it was just fine. The Pre is the best phone ever!!!
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    I dropped my phone off a 7 foot lifeguard stand onto the rough concrete floor. Only a small scruff on the top of the shiny front casing. I also dropped it a few days ago when I went to go hug someone. I went to put it in my other hand and it fell onto the cold tiled floor. Not a single dent or scratch. I thought the world was gonna end.

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    As careful as I have tried to be, I knew the day would come when I full on dropped it without breaking its fall or anything. So, yesterday, I dropped mine from 5 feet onto wood floors.

    Touchstone back popped off, but that was it. The screen was on when it fell and stayed on and was immediately responsive when I picked it up. Touchstone back popped right back on without a hitch. No issues.

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    My wife's Pre fell off the couch to the tile floor...chipped the top left corner right off the thing. She glued the piece back on and it looks decent. Although, the phone suffered no loss of function, just a minor battle scar.
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    Mine has the chip from the slider. And last night while changing oil it fell from my pocket to the floor.....4 inchs or so and now it has several nics. Nothing a case won't cover though
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    Dropped my Pre while trying to take a picture with one hand and my son being held by the other. As it hurtled towards the asphalt I instinctively tried to slow it down with my foot. I nipped it but it still clattered and slid across the asphalt.

    The screen stayed on so I snapped the pic and then surveyed the damage. There were a few white scratches on the front of the case but the screen was damage free. Within 2 days the scratches mostly faded annd are barely visible now. I am plenty pleased with the result.

    Beyond that I've dropped it several times and its faired fine.

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