View Poll Results: Does your Pre answer itself when charging on the Touchstone?

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  • Ummm....not the hell are you talking about!

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  • Yes, I thought it was just me....

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  • Your Pre is possessed......Please press 666 to continue.

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    We are going on with this problem now for over a week. When the phone rings when I am outside the van, the Pre will answer itself, but only when it's on the Touchstone.

    I thought it might be sliding off the contacts, but that is NOT the case. It is still firmly seated.

    Just for a goof I tried to call my phone from my work cell while sitting right next to it in the Van, and it did the same thing.

    Is my phone possessed? Or is it possibly one of the tweaks/apps I have installed on my phone.

    I'm confused, and my head hurts!
    I likey take apart thingies....
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    The Pre will auto-answer when you pick up the phone off the Touchstone. By any chance do you ever get the constant notification tone that it's charging? Sounds like something is defective and constantly losing and re-making a connection maybe.
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    Nopers on the constant notification tone. In fact the battery icon still shows as charging....and the TS charges fine, no problems there whatsoever....

    I only noticed this problem after I installed some tweaks/apps a while back. I may just bring the Pre back to 1.0.4, then start over....
    I likey take apart thingies....

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