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    I think that a larger capacity model release date has nothing to do with development and all to do with marketing. There will be precious little hardware changes beyond the capacity change and some late discovered flaws like the battery, maybe light leakage. If they were to upgrade the model too soon, they risk angering the early adopters whose word of mouth they rely on. With the Pre now 4 months old, they also can't wait too long or they will negatively effect the sales of it's replacement which going by industry trends lately is ~8 months away. My >guess< is that a larger capacity model will come along with or a little after the Pixi and just in time for the holidays. Ancillary evidence, I was recently talking to a relatively high ranking Sprint rep (not a store clerk) and when I mentioned that I might be interested in a larger Pre her response was "there will be something this winter that you will find interesting". Note that she made no claim or predictions, just a hint that she didn't need to make to maintain my business. So to the OP, can you wait another 2 months?
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    What are the best guesses for when the rumored augmented-memory Pre will be released? Yesterday my 22 months was up, and I'd been looking forward to buying a Pre (and still am), but I'll be very annoyed if I buy one and the higher memory version is released three weeks later.

    So, best guesses?
    you're best bet then is to wait until the 16G version is released. Will certainly happen within the next year...
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