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    Being someone in an medical and academic setting, I constantly deal with professors whose are either 'MD', 'PhD', or both. Ever the perfectionist, I had all those professors with their corresponding academic titles on my Google contacts list (ie, John Smith, MD). I was pleasantly surprised to find in the case of MD and PhD, my Pre would recognize it as a title rather than an name, and ignore it when it came time to alphabetize my contacts.

    So this morning I decided to get rid of a bunch of business cards I had lying around and put the contact info into my Pre. Everything was going fine until I got to my dentist's business card. As usual, I appended his name with his title: DDS. The moment I did, the Pre decided to sort him under D, as opposed to M which is his last name.

    I doubt there are many people so anal-retentive as to organize their contacts with as much scrutiny as I do, but I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem. I imagine the Pre is programmed to recognize common titles (MD, PhD, etc) but more obscure ones are entirely looked over.

    Short of rooting my Pre and fiddling with the contacts system, I doubt there's a simple way of fixing the error anyway. But I figured I'd mention it on the off chance that other people had noticed this bug and Palm was keeping their eye out so they could fix it in their next (hopefully soon) update.
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    When you're editing the contact on your Pre click on the Contacts soft button upper left hit name details, and you can edit the suffix and prefix there without affecting the last name sorting.
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    Thanks a bunch. That was bugging me.

    Palm should still fix it so that it defaults to this with non-common suffixes.
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    I'd expect the common ones, but not the non-common ones. There was a discussion about this with someone having problems with Dutch Friends with two word last names. Atleast Palm gives us this detailed input page to fix that.

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