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    I have this super weird problem with my palm pre.
    Yesterday i dled this comic app and theres an option to share with a friend so I did by typing in my friend's email. But the problem is it says theres an error in sending and i didn't really care that much. But now the problem I have is every 1-2 hours, it will send me a notification saying that theres an error in sending the email and I don't know how to cancel or delete it! Help pleasE!!
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    First try to reboot your Pre, if that doesn't work, delete the e-mail (from your "sent" or "outgoing" folder) - this will essentially stop your Pre from continuing to re-send your faild message.
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    The file is definitely in your outbox. Delete it there and your worries are no more... well not all your worries, just this one.
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    when i go into my outbox, theres nothing in there but right beside the "Outbox", theres a yellow logo with a "!" sign on it and when i click it, it just tells me when its i guess i will wait and see if i get the error message again
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    I had an issue where the phone kept telling me that an email failed to send, it it wouldn't stop telling me, over and over, and the only thing that fixed it was deleting the email account from the phone, and re-adding it.
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    Changed the thread title to match the thread topic.

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    I agree with pomokey that deleting/recreating will fix things, but that may be overkill. I've had this problem a few times and just re-entering my password on the account settings page fixed it for me. I think, at least in my case, the problem is related to my password... i was an early adopter of my mail service and had a short password that didn't meet the current password security policy of the mail provider. Might want to change your password to something mixed case, 8 chars or longer, alphanumeric, and at least one special character.
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