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    I just noticed on their page under mobile devices that among the iPhone, Android and Blackberries that the Palm Pre will be supported!

    Does this mean we can expect to see a Sunday Ticket app or Sprint TV channel/category within the coming weeks!?
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    on www dot directv dot com/DTVAPP/mobile/supercast/ it says:

    iPhone and Palm Pre Downloads will be available
    through their respective app stores in the near future
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    This is big, simply in the fact its a major company viewing the Pre as a legitimate enough device to need to make an app for it upon roll out as well
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    I emailed them the moment they announced it would support the other phone and windows mobile. I'm glad that other people did as well and they saw the potential of the Pre.
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    first post - first pda - love the site, tons of great information! had to make a tough decision between the pre and instinct when it was time to udgrade. glad i picked the PRE, think they wife is ready to return the instinct for a pre.....
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    i hate you guys.

    edit: won't link for some reason.

    Palm Pre in Directv ad


    Was watching Sportscenter just now and swear I saw Denis Leary holding a Pre at the end of the commercial for Directv's NFL Sunday Ticket. Said you could've watched [whatever game they were featuring] instead of being at a baby shower on "this guy" [holds up Palm Pre].

    Hadn't seen the commercial before nor heard it mentioned here. Nice to see something other than the iPhone used to illustrate something's mobile features.
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    Guys The NFL app just got added to the App catalog 3-5 mins ago, along with 10 other new apps.
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    I'm freaking stoked for this. I have NFL Sunday ticket every year....if it wasn't enough that I have them all in HD, DVR, 6 Games at once on 1 Channel...RedZone...I can have it on my phone as well. Hopefully this streams decently once the season starts!

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