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  • Has your 1st been faithful?

    53 45.30%
  • 2 and counting

    21 17.95%
  • On a 3rd or more...?

    43 36.75%
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    waiting on my second one
    Qualcomm QCP 2700 -> ... Palm m125 ... -> Instinct -> Palm Pre

    I tweet a lot about the Pre! @bshedwick
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    I've had mine for 6 weeks and works great most of the time. I do get some odd happenings when I plug in to the charger sometimes.....
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    From 1st to 4th in 5 days.

    1st-'spider web' under screen, hated to get rid of it because it was perfect(29 aug)
    2nd-refurb from sprint. It had a huge gap(1sep)
    3rd-"phone offline" would not connect to the network(2 sep)
    4th-small oreo effect but I think I'm going to stick this one out
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    I went to Sprint today and had trouble activating a new Pre, so we tried for about an hour and it didn't work. We swapped it out for another one and it did it just fine. Good build, hopefully this one works well.
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    I am getting my 3rd Pre in the mail today, but I still love this phone!
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    Got a 2nd only cuz I dropped the first too many times. (touch screen stopped working)
    Got the TS back and a IS front so I think I am safer now, not as slippery.
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    Waiting on 4th Pre to come in.

    1st had spider web cracks appear on the screen.
    2nd had speaker and mic go out. Could only make calls using a headset.
    3rd fell from my pocket onto living floor and touchscreen stopped working.

    Hopefully the 4th is the charm cause if not I'll have to reconsider my phone options. Sprint has the Tour and now the Hero, so there are two viable options.
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    My launch day pre was perfect. Should've never smashed it with my golf club. The next two just shut down continually. Day two on number 4 looks good.

    I love it no matter what. If you have tried the homebrews you know what I mean. Can't wait for the app store.
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    so from the poll it looks like a 50/50 chance you get a decent Pre. Palm needs to step their game up.
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    1st pre loose head phone jack: crackle sounds&tones intermittent mic loss
    appearance of cracks along the edges of the faceplate(visible with black wallpaper and screen@100 in low lit room)
    no dead pixels
    2nd pre oreo effect
    10 dead pixels
    light leak along the edges of gesture area(visible with black wallpaper and screen@100 in low lit room)
    on 3rd pre so far 4 dead pixels i can live with
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    I have been lucky..still one #1. Couple weeks ago, started to have the slider/shutdown issue. Went into the local Sprint, they gave me a new and dimensionally larger battery, and Bob's your uncle!
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    I am on my secound, but my 1st was broken from the the box.... the ringer switch was broken and it didnt ring... so i had to get a replacement phone
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    1st one lasted about six weeks until the earpiece stopped working.
    2 - updatet to 1.1 put it into restart loop.
    3 - shutoff every time I closed the slider.
    4 - touchscreen didn't work out of the box.
    5 - felt great out of the box but slider popped and major oreo effect before I even left the store.
    6 - Best one so far. Gap between halves is equal on both sides almost no twist. It shutoff when I closed the slider this morning for the first time since I got it a week ago so I put a couple pieces of electrical tape above the battery and no problems.
  14. d94
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    im on my 6th
    deffects up the ***
    but this one seems to be good!
    palm pro > visor > m100 > visor prism > clie sl30 > zire 71 > dell X5 > toshiba E755 > clie NX70 > ipaq 2200 > Treo 700w (verizon) > Treo 700wx (sprint) > Treo 755p (sprint) > HTC Mogul > HTC Diamond > HTC Touch Pro > Pre
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