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    I just got done installed all of the preware with the virtual keyboard with most of the quick install tweaks, if I decided this is not for me and want to go back to factory software do I just run the webos doctor? Or do I just use the quick installer to uninstall everything that was added? And if I do run the webos doctor do I just have to enter my palm profile and away I go and does the phone need to be reactivated?
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    pretty sure you can just uninstall everything
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    Just uncheck the box or boxes you want to uninstall from Quick install.
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    after removing it will you be able to tell it was there? And when the next Webos update rolls out I only have to uninstall the virtual keyboard patch and nothing else(tweaks,Prewear app).
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    also what version will the Webos doctor set the pre to?
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    also what version will the Webos doctor set the pre to?
    Depends on when you last downloaded WebOS Doctor. It could either be 1.03 or 1.1
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    just did it last night off of your link.

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