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    I've been happy since day one although now I am starting to get irritated by the lack of speed related to viewing and sending emails, shortcuts related to emails and now my missing texts.

    Hopefully these simple but valuable issues can be addressed in future updates
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    I've had mine since day one and I still love the darn thing. Even now I'm staring at it, wanting to touch it! Hey, get your minds out of the gutter, I'm talking about "my precious" phone! Ha!
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    I have had my Pre since day 1 and it is now fully integrated into my life. I work for a fortune 100 company as well as own my own consulting company. The Pre and webOS have done such an amazing job keeping these parts of my life (work/my business/personal) separate yet together. Quite amazing actually.

    Being an IT Engineer I give the Palm engineers a little slack about the bugs and general updates the phone needs, but there is no denying they have created something special.
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    ive had my pre since day one n i absolutely love it, even with havin to fix my oreo prob. most of my buddies have iphones n USED to give me a hard time bout it, now after seeing how u can personalize n change it, theyre jealous. n btw, this forum is kickass!
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    I've had mine since day one, never replaced it, and have no serious problems with the phone. There are things that are missing but Homebrew makes up for most and I'm sure there will be apps and updates to fix the rest, I am very content with staying with this phone for more than a year. I can't imagine what Palm could do to make me buy the next model more than triple the memory.
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    I've had my pre since day one. One a scale of one to 5 the pre is a 3. Put me in the glass half empty camp. I just don't see palm issuing "the update" to the myriad of missing feature/lack of functionality. I'm waiting around until doc2go and flash are integrated into the pre which I hope is in oct. Otherwise I may have to switch to treo pro or an android phone.

    Good example what I mean about functionality is posting in this forum. I viewed the OP in landscape but since I can't type in landscape I had to switch portrait. I have typed for awhile with a lot of text. Usually while I type I "select all" then copy the text I type just in case something happens. Unfortunately on the pre I can't. Another thing is typing errors. Trying place the cursor in the right spot is a chore. And finally the problem I call the "typewriter effect. This is when typing in forms or pre central messages you run out of space and have to move the screen to see what your typing.
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    I still have my original launch day phone with no real problems. I was a little concerned about being an early adopter, and probably would not have done so if I had still been working. But I'm retired now and have the time to play with the phone. I love it more every day and I'm enjoying trying out all the homebrews.
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    Well admittedly the typing might be a pain for some.. especially without a landscape keyboard... but I get the feeling we'll see a keyboard app out soon that does landscape. I think it boils down to weighing the overall ability of the phone as opposed to picking on a few points that irritate you. But if those things are important to you and you don't want to wait for an update, then BB is probably your best bet.
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    I picked up my Pre in Canada on the 27th and am really enjoying it. Especially compared to my Palm Treo. Man, there is no comparison. Yes my Treo does a few things better, but overall, it's no comparison. The WebOS has such a fluid, easy to use, organic interface. Makes it a pleasure to use. Feels futuristic. No more are the silly joystick or trackballs.. now it's just flicking your finger this way and that.. I love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    Coincidentally, here's an article from todays NY Times which supports exact the opposite conclusion - Smart phones are not just for smart people. The new smart phones are for everybody. In fact, making a smart phone like a small computer is probably a recipe for failure or marginalization.
    exactly, take Windows Mobile for example, besides web browsing no other OS is as capable, but it sucks and people don't want to use it (myself included)
    people need to take a step back and realize this is something you carry around in your pocket or on your hip, not a desktop computer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    I have had mine's since day one and I must say between the Pre and this forum I get very little sleep. There is always something new being discovered. This by far is the best phone I have ever had the privilege of owning. YEAH PRE!!!
    Same here!!
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    It's simple if you're willing to take a few minutes to understand how to work the UI. Many people just don't have the patience to do that.
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    Had it since day one.

    Still like it a lot, but I do get frustrated with the unfinished state of the OS. My feelings about the phone app are well known, and the stuttering, low framerate animations really tick me off (e.g. Try deleting an app with no cards open. The delete notice and confirmation move at a choppy framerate! With nothing else pulling on the processor! Sometimes, the battery pulldown does too.). The audio player app is a joke.

    That being said, I'm enjoying the homebrew scene. And the phone does most of what I want it to. Palm just really needs to get it together with the app store and the updates, pronto.
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    I stood in line on day one for 4 hours(well ok I didn't stand there the whole time, left and went to IHOP for a bit after my name was put on the list, but still), and still very much love my Pre. I will say though, as much as I love the interface, if app support hadn't kicked up(homebrew or official, either way), I'd have moved onto an Android device, possibly the Hero.
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    Had mine since launch day (which also happened to be my birthday--HOW CONVEEEEEEEEEEEENIENT!--and I have minor complaints, but overall I love it and the whole homebrew scene.
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    Treo 650 head here before PRe....PALM ROCKS, and I would NEVER own an IPhone...played with my bosses to show off my Pre (which seems he is a die-hard apple fan...ugh) and I could not stand it. Though It does seem a bit more snappy when swiping through apps on the phone...oh well

    GO PALM!!!
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    I've had my pre since day one and I love it. What saved it for me tho is all the modding and homebrew apps.
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    had it since day -14(had it two weeks before launch) i love it to death, email is faster than my outlook on my computer, internet is great, and fileCoaster and PreBrew along with QuickInstall, nothing can touch it.
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    i'v had mine from day one and love it.i love that its open to anyone who can write programs love the home apps.
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    got mine the day of, build quality is somewhat an issue, i have the oreo effect etc. im kind of biding my time until the build quality issues are ironed out before i use that insurance i pay 7 dollars a month for, and of course the 100 deduct.
    OS- needs a little tweaking, texts disappearing is dumb, and no fwding ( i know the webosinstaller has the tweaks, but it rendered my text messaging app useless when i tried it)
    the ability to sync with outlook without having to buy stupid chapura, and to do it ota not just when you are in your office and press the button,

    copy and paste, that goes without saying

    no palm desktop, as simple as this program is, its always worked, if it aint broke don't fix it.

    app catalog- i know early adopter it takes time,

    google maps- been said before streetview etc.

    touchstone price point- profit margins on that thing have to be through the freaking roof. since our batteries suck we are kind of btw rock/hard place. (i know about the extended batteries and spares)

    visual voicemail- if they can manage this for the stupid *** instinct we should have it on here. no excuses on that one palm/sprint.

    bt keyboard compat- everyone read the article, yeah yeah not enough people need it, bs business power users such as myself need this, it would put my phone into the *almost a netbook category. students would use this as well.

    sorry about the long post and most of it has been said more than once, had to put in my 2 cents.

    i know this sounds like a rant but its not, coming from an instinct im a happy camper, OS is intuitave basic features work well and palm is actively working toward fixing most of these things. I wish they were more public about what they were working on as far as updates. That may shut most of us up from *****ing about bugs.

    Overall really happy though. looking forward to where this thing is headed.
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