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    I have many cool homebrew apps and added tweaks from the WebOS Quick Installer. However I that noticed my phone's boot time has increased significantly. I just timed a reboot at just over 4 minutes.

    Does anyone actually know if this is tied to the amount of apps installed?
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    I think the number of installed homebrew (maybe non-homebrew too?) apps and how long the phone takes to boot might be related. Once I figured out that Preware can sidestep the app space limitation I went a little overboard and right now have over 100 applications installed on my Pre. My boot time is 5:45
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    I dont mind the long boot times new boot screens are mesmerizing!!...just kiddin!
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    I don't mind the boot times because I rarely see it. I can't make fun of my brothers BB load time, I always had fun doing that when I had my Treo, ahhh memories.
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    Yeah, I have about 10 homebrew apps or so, and several tweaks running. I think my boot time has definitely increased, I'd say around 2:30 or so. What's worse, the pre itself seems to be a bit more sluggish, which is really irritating...
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    Anything longer that the standard Pre boot time of 2:00 is simply unacceptable in my book.
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    63 apps....including the built-ins......boot time is 2:10.

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    13 homebrews (a total of 29 apps) and one tweak. my boot time is about 2:30
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    If your boot time is beyond 3 minutes, you may have a problem brewing.

    - Craig
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    my stock Pre has never booted up in 2 minutes... more like 4 minutes.
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    I recorded my boot time:

    25 seconds to boot down
    2:20 to boot up

    I have modded my Pre HEAVILY, which includes CPU scaling and overclocking, homebrew apps, and various tweaks/patches/custom mods.

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    is this long boot time normal for other phones like the iphone?

    i too have a mesmerizing boot screen so i am ok with it. ha
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    i got over 111 apps plus all the tweaks from 2.03... boot time is around 3-4 minutes but of course i dont reboot till i go to sleep and i also have an awesome boot logo so i dont give a ****
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    Boot time is 2:00 even. Running 21 homebrew apps.
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    i think the higher boot times has to do with the tweaks and the services u install on ur pre like file manager or flashlight or preware

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