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    I ordered my Seidio Innocase from two Saturdays ago (8/22) and I still haven't received it. My order number on also doesn't work. I got an email saying it shipped this past Friday but it's still not here.

    How long did it take you people that ordered one on It's NEVER taken this long for anything to arrive from amazon.
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    Follow up w Amazon regarding the status.
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    I ordered my innocase from Amazon yesterday morning and got it shipped overnight. I also got 2 screen protectors from seidio. I just got them a few minutes ago. Turns out, there were 4 protectors in the case, not just 2. I'd call them. Didn't even take one day for me...
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    I sent them an email this morning, haven't heard back from them. I just did standard shipping but with everything else I've ordered from them that way, it's come in a week or so, until now.

    Seidio can't do anything about it because they can't track orders or follow up orders from amazon.

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