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    We have two Pre's that we've used WebOSInstall on to tweak a few things, and mine worked fine, but my daughter's started doing something odd. She opens the email app, and her folders screen displays normally, but touching any of them has no result other than to highlight it momentarily. The folders never open so you can view mail.

    Any thoughts or suggestions? She didn't do anything with WebOSInstall that I didn't do, and my phone is good to go for all things.

    Thx for any suggestions. I will do a hard reset if necessary, but soft restarts are not helping.

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    as a matter of fact, I encountered the same problem. I unchecked the "email in landscape" box in the tweak window on WebOS Quick Install, and then POOF! my folders worked again, AND to my delight, so did the landscape functionality even though the box was unchecked. Probably a bug, but you are the first since me to have at least announced this occurence. I hope that helped.

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