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    Ok, so basically I broke my old Palm Pre *Sniffle Sniffle* R.I.P. So I got a replacement Pre. I Specifically remember Backing up all my information (Manually, even tho it was automatic) the exact day I broke it. So the Sprint Rep gave me my Replacement, & told me to sign into my Palm Profile,, So I did. He said that it would Sync or whatever, & all of my old information (Contacts, Setting, etc.. etc..) would be synced. So I left. It's ben 3 hours, & still my phone has none of my old information!! What do I do?? I really need help here, I even went to the Help thing, & looked it up online. Still no answers. So i'm turning to you, the PreCentral community to save me from hours of work :Exaggeration: of adding all my old contacts in, messing up, trying to remember my old contacts, etc.. Etc..

    Don't let me down:P JK.

    Seriously tho, any help/answers are appreciated.
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    I would try to reset the device and 'start fresh' w activation and signing into your Palm profile.
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    i started a thread on this very same topic. But nobody is considering a offline backup app... yet.
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    You gonna back that up?

    No, no, I mean that ***.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyg View Post
    You gonna back that up?

    No, no, I mean that ***.
    that was corny. especially when I assumed that 3 dudes including myself who responded to this very same thread so there's no pic or icon symbolizing sexual affection. Why do kids say the dumbest things? I'm thinking.. Must've typed in the wrong thread that his momma didn't know he was looking at some porn and masturbating when he accidentially clicked.
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    I need help with this too. I just ran webos doctor to reset my pre since it stopped working and only 4 of my newest contacts have loaded on my phone from my palm profile

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