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    This has cropped up and is proving to be a big PITA. When I dial someone and hold it up to my ear, I hear nothing at all and it sounds like the call didn't connect. I pull the phone away and look at the display, it shows the input as being Bluetooth, forcing me to manually switch to Speaker or Normal. (I'm sure the people I'm calling appreciate saying "Hello? HELLO?!?" repeatedly.) Even after "fixing" the mode, the next time I call it will have reverted to the damn Bluetooth mode unless I manually kill it via the wireless menu. I don't have a Borg earpiece, so I don't get what's happening.

    Concurrently, I am also noticing that my car's Sync system sometimes doesn't automatically pickup the phone when I get in unless I cycle BT off then back on. (This is in addition to the car losing the phone's pairing four times in six years, necessitating the re-pair/re-download phonebook mambo each time.) OTOH, I was in the middle of a call while walking to my car, get in and started and the call transferred to the Sync's hands-free mode seamlessly.

    Any ideas about either problem, though the first is the most important? Thanks in advance.
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    I had the same problem with the regular audio mode but could get it on BT and speaker. Palm said i had a major audio hardware failure and sprint shipped me a new phone
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    If I cycle BT mode off then on in wireless, it will default to Normal on calls. It's as if it's hung up on being connected to the car after I leave.
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    I've been having similar problems. Sometimes my phone stays in bluetooth mode, even when I'm in my office and my earpiece is in my car. I think it has something to do with an incompatibility with the Bluetooth system in my other car, which is an Infiniti. The problems seem to occur after I drive that car and my Pre connects to the car's bluetooth phone system. Annoying to say the least.

    Turning off Bluetooth then on again is the only thing that fixes the problem for me.
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    i have the exact opposite problem. if i answer from my phone, i have to switch the call to my bt headset. Only if i answer from my headset will it automatically route the audio to BT.

    Is there a way to fix this?
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    Same problem as Dirk and Jay -- phone will think it's still using a Bluetooth headset even if the headset is off or well out of range. At least with my Samsung WEP500 it works at all though, with my Plantronics Voyager Pro (which works great with my 800W) the Pre will hardly ever manage to make more than one call with the headset without having to re-pair.
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    I have had the same issue several times in the last few weeks but with a wired headset. I would unplug them and it still showed up as being connected. I saw a thread on this subject a while back and the number one solution that was offered was to unplug the headset and blow into the headset hole or clean it with a small q-tip.. Amazingly enough it worked, although I don't think it should have had the problem to begin with.
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    I have upgraded to the newest OS update. I have an Infiniti G37s. Phone works great in the car. But sometimes it won't pair with the car unless I cycle bluetooth on and off. Also after I get out of the car bluetooth stays 'paired' and any calls I make it acts as if a headset is on. I have to once again cycle bluetooth on and off. PITA. Anyone have any insight?
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    mine would do this but in speaker or wired headset mode opptions only ... i would reboot and reboot till it worked ... sometimes if i were to plug in my aux jack to the car then unplug the phone without turning off the music player it would get stuck...

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