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    Didn't search so I don't know if this has been discussed much yet. But how awesome would a slide to end call or slide to send text function be. I know I have slid close the phone a couple of times thinking that would just end the call LOL.
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    Hmm, I wouldn't mind it as a configurable option, but I wouldn't want it as a mandatory function.

    My reasoning: I often initiate a call (while on bluetooth...or switch to bluetooth during a call) and sometimes close the slider and put the phone in my pocket. Under those circumstances, I wouldn't want to hang up the call by sliding the phone shut.

    Since there currently is no voice-dialing, the keyboard is the fastest way to dial a contact, but I don't necessarily want to have the keyboard open when I'm holding phone and talking. The Pre feels much nicer to me with the keyboard closed. Again, that's just me.

    As a configurable option I have no problem with it...but it needs to be optional.
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    Yeah optional. But I think it would be pretty cool.
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    I would hate it.

    I often have the keyboard open to use speed dial, then after connecting I close the keyboard to talk.

    If it had that feature it would hang up on my calls all the time. I agree with the above idea of having as configurable but not mandatory.
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    That would be a great configurable option along with opening the keyboard to answer a call. I find it more comfortable to talk with the kybd open.
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    Yeah I have pretty big hands so I feel more comfortable to talk with the keyboard open. Since I have to open to use universal search to call most of the time I just leave it open. I would just like the ability to slide it shut instead of having to find and press the call end button on the screen.

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