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    Have 4 email accounts set in my of 678 unread emails
    Only have it set to 7 days, but in my business, I get a ton of emails a day.

    PLEASE tell me I am able to mark them all read without having to do it one by one?
    No way in hell I'm going through this one by one...

    I love my Pre, but in my opinion, this is the most ridiculous oversight....I would appreciate any suggestions, Hacks, etc... that will allow me to resolve this....
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    Filter your email. If you don't read it, why do you worry about it?
    My gmail, filters all ads and things that I may want to keep but don't want to read mobiley. Have a Label or folder collect that email, so every few days I can quickly scan it if I want. But it skips the inbox entirely.
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    Just don't like to filter it. 90% of the emails are "needed...".

    Plus, this is a half *** way to resolve this issue. I;ve had other Palms, Mobile 5 Phones and even the Iphone...I can;t believe I can't do this here...
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    I believe Ikyo is working on a patch that enables a Mark All Read / Delete All option in your email.
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    Yeah, that's just not something it does. Call it an oversight or call it "they didn't make the phone for people with your needs" or call it plain stupidity...

    If you're someone that gets hundreds of messages a day, and you need to have them all handy on your mobile device, you might consider if the Pre is really for you. A Blackberry is going to be able to handle your needs a whole lot better.

    OK, but you have the Pre and you otherwise like it. So, what can you do?

    First, you can use a desktop/web client to mark items as read. If using Gmail or Exchange, for example, this should sync to the Pre pretty well. Keep in mind that your Pre has a web browser, so you could use that, if your e-mail system supports it. This doesn't work great with POP, however.

    Second, you can setup a rule in your e-mail program to always make items as read. Based on what you've described, it sounds like this is going to be your best option for your needs.

    Third, don't worry about it. So what if messages are marked as unread?

    In the end, the Pre doesn't do it. Complaining that other phones can does not solve your problem. If you find this intollerable and think Palm is stupid for not including this obvious feature, then take the Pre back and go with a phone that includes this feature.

    That said, I'm pretty sure that someone will create a homebrew app to do this, someday. And Palm might update the mail program to include.

    There are hundreds of things that everyone smartphone does that Palm left out for this initial release. Not just in e-mail, but in the phone app, calendar, tasks, memo pad, and so forth.
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    Mark it as read in your desktop/web mail client....
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    Yea, I wasn't too happy with this missing feature either. I am very used to it from my Blackberry's so I was looking for a way to do it for a while.

    Doing it on your computer seems to be the easiest way. Unfortunate though.
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    I beleive gmail allows you to mark emails as read when received.
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    There is now a Read All and Delete All email patch available in Preware and WebOS Qick Install.
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    It is available as a preware patch. If you haven't tried webos quickstall / preware, install today. It makes the pre an actual smartphone. I've got the delete all & read all patch.

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