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    So after searching, I've yet to find anything but people saying that it's ok to in fact remove the pre's battery, which in turn has raised more then a few questions. When I was grabbing my Pre from Bell the other day they mentioned to basically never pull out the battery like you would on a different phone as it would actually fry it; but yet, everyone keeps mentioning to do it in certain situations.

    So what I'm wondering then, why is bell telling customers not to pull out the battery? Or is there possibly certain situations where you shouldn't?
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    I imagine they are a little worried about the slider reset issue. They figure that a good way to avoid issues is to keep people out of the back of the phone. That and there are very few usefull reasons to remove the battery. Here they are:

    * You have two batteries

    * Phone is frozen

    It is usually a good idea to not tinker with hardware unless you need to. Bell might just save themselves a little headache later by advising against taking the battery out.
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    No reason not to pull the battery if you want (or want to swap it out with a fresh one, which a lot of folks do). Just make sure you power the phone down, first. Press and hold the power button, then select "Turn Off" when it comes up.

    Enjoy your new Pre!
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    I figured as much, but found it a bit odd none-the-less. Hell, they even said that if the phone freezes don't do anything and call tech support right away. Makes sense I guess, but you would think they could be a bit more honest when telling people about the battery instead of striking fear into their consumers.
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    I wouldn't even worry about powering down the phone first, just pull the battery if need be. The underlying OS is Linux, it is fairly resistant to hard reboots. (I've been running Linux since 1995 and haven't had problems caused by 'rapid removal of power sources'.

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