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    The same thing happened to me on my Pre. I had to use WebOSDoctor to restore the phone to default setting. Then i had to re apply all the patches. I still have not been able to apply the correct version of the battery percentage tweak.

    Good luck
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    hey, last night i did the battery percentage tweak and as soon as my phone rebooted when it was finished a white line is all i have at the top. My computer also does not recognize my phone as being plugged in now, neither does my phone!!! I don't get the option to charge, synce, or usb when i plug it in. I also cant lock my phone. If i press the on/off button to take it off standby it just turns right back on, no sliding of the little icon up out of the bottom area to unlock it or anything. I just got the phone saturday, I dont want to break it already lol. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.


    P.s.- I had no clue where to put this post, so if it needs to be moved please let me know
    Some things to try.

    1) Unplug from USB and plug back in.
    2) Put into airplane mode and then take it out
    3) Do a FULL reboot
    If you feel that I have given you worthy advice please feel free to show your support. TY

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    i also can not turn my phone off using the power button. I have to pull the battery everytime
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    WebosQuickinstall 2.02 now has the tweak in it. I recommend using that one to install the mod.
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    this happened to me as well because I tryed to install to mant tweaks at once I just uninstalled all tweaks and reinstalled one at a time leaving phone hooked up to computer and checking after each tweek . This one tweak took two or three install uninstalls to work . I don't know why but I finally got just the % to work and left it alone . Hope that helps
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    With WebosQuickinstall I did one tweak at a time, I noticed each tweak the phone would restart so I just practiced a little patience.
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    well guys he cant really use the webos quick install if his computer wont recognize his phone, it is weird it wont recognize it in reboot mode when powering it up. The last option is all i can say is i hope you have the insurance on it :/ sorry man.
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    Quote Originally Posted by minttoast View Post
    I installed it using quick install, I didn't do it manually. I also only did 2 tweaks and did them both at different times and the phone restarted after both. I also can not use quick install to undo anything like runningwarrior said. When I try to restart it in boot mode, it just freezes up quick install. This BLOWWSS lol
    If i remember correctly i think the boot mode only works if you are trying to run webos doctor. I may be mistaken. Buut hook it up to your comp, start web os doctor and restart the phone and put it into boot mode. You may have to have webos doctor already running. That is just my two cents though, I am not sure if it is right or not though.
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