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    As of recently my phone is no longer recognized by my computer or any other computer. It happened to my roommates pre but only for a short period. Mine is not working on any computer. Every one say that the device malfunctioned. I have restarted it, cleared the cache and history. Anyone have any other ideas besides resetting it?
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    I would say you are going to need to do a hard reset. The issue you are seeing needs a fresh start.
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    Would you happen to know wat parts of my data will be deleted n wat I will still have?
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    It's time to run WebOS Doctor. Once youre done with the reset, you have to activate the Palm profile again. If you activate with your previous account, you will get your settings, contacts, text, email will be gone...your downloaded apps from the app store will be there, but homebrew apps will be gone also.
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    I did the partial reset but did not use the webos doctor. Hopefully this works.
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    if WebOS Doctor doesnt recognize your phone...then follow my instructions on this thread.
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    I had this problem. Mine was a cable issue. I purchased a high quality USB to micro cable and the problem was solved.

    Hopefully you haven't already done a hard reset.

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