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    Does anyone know of any web-sites where you can download free ringtones directly to the phone without having to save them to a computer and then sync them to the phone? I used to use myxer with the curve and had no problems but now on the pre it makes me send them to the computer first!! And I tried emailing them as an attachment and that brings up another problem! You can't save attachments!!!!grrrrr I like this phone a lot as far as the style and gui but it lacks some critical things that really make me wonder if I'm gonna make it 30 days b4 trading it in for a trusty blackberry. And the Battery life is just plain rediculous!! My phone won't even last me through an 8 hour work day!! And all I do is text on breaks and lunch! It's just crazy that they didn't put a better/bigger battery in it. And if I get a bigger aftermarket one The phone will be all bloated for my pocket and I won't be able to use the charging stone!
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    Download preload and you can get a couple hundred ringtones in there . Preload is like filecoaster or preware I use all three because they all have their advantages hope this helps
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    if you have the browser download mod you can download to your pre without a computer.
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    I just download music from amazon that has really cool intro's that way I don't have to modify them. It's not free but for .89cents it might as well be. It's my only choice until they enable BT file transfering.

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