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    Okay, so i've gone threw two pre's in a month because the speaker blows out in the back... Just from common sense the only thing i can think of is that the touchstone magnet interacts with the magnet in the speaker and dislodges it? or interferes enough to bust it? Im I on to something or do i just have bad luck with the phone.
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    Kind of depends on what kind of tunes/ringtones you're blasting on that speaker during normal use, IMO. Seems to me that if there was a rash of blown-out Pres owned by Touchstone users, you'd have something to go on, but I've heard of a grand total of one other blown Pre speaker besides yours, and that was due to an exceptionally-bassy song that the user was playing (confirmed by playing the same song on a new Pre with the same result - BOOM).

    So, in short, my hunch would be no.
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    I would agree with you, but on my second phone, the speaker blew so fast I never had time to put music onto it... but i appreciate the input, thank you.
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    your probably right. Anytime you rub two earphones together and you feel the magnets hit eachother. It actually "dislodges" the speaker.
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    And how do you go about "dislodging" a palm pre speaker? haha
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    well as you said, the touchstone magnet and the speaker magnet interact with each other. Which might distort your speakers. All i know is every time i do with my earphones, they become distorted or they get messed up.

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