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    Lucy specifically said that I could upgrade my wife's and stepson's phones at the store. Haven't tried so I'm not sure at this point. Nothing to prevent doing online or at TeleSales tho'.
    One advantage to upgrading through telesales is that if you're nice enough to the rep they'll give you the mail in rebate as a credit on your account instead of making you wait for the check. But being able to return in store vs. mailing back is nice too.
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    Actually its not a great deal. Get your standard 1500min plan at 129. Get an easy 25% discount (just join an organization that offers it). Even with the 3rd line you're bill will be:

    129.99 + 19.99 (third line) -25% = 112.49 a month. Your 1600min EPRP plan with 3rd line is 125 a month.

    Without 3rd line its: 129 -25% = 96.75 a month vs 110.00 EPRP.

    Warning too...i had EPRP for about your hassles at the stores when its upgrade time.

    You Know Thats The Same Plan I Have. I Have Four Lines And The Total Monthly Bill Is 140 and Some Change.SWWWWEEEEEEETTTTTT
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