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    I've gotta' take mine in and replace it cause the camera isn't working. What does the "cloud" back up exactly and what do I need to do on my own? So far I've just copied everything from the Pre to my comp (when it shows up as a USB drive in comp, I selected all, then copied). Is there anything else? Where do tasks and calender info get backed up to?

    Thank you!
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    i'd also like to know how to back up all my contact info, pics, etc.
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    For the contacts and the applications installed on your phone, those all get backed up to the cloud. As for pictures, videos, ringtones, music, etc - those have to be copied directly from USB. Anything you see in USB whenever you open up the drive - it needs to be copied to your PC or else you'll lose it. It will also backup all of your calendar items, memos and tasks as well as any e-mail accounts you have setup on the phone. I know mine did anyway..
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    What cloud?
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    Quote Originally Posted by elsnty View Post
    What cloud?
    cloud is the internet, in actual its the server palm has to store your info
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    MAKE SURE YOU SYNC YOUR PALM PROFILE. I had to do a re-set and forgot to do that *****. I lost a few people but luckily my treo755p still has most of my contacts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elsnty View Post
    What cloud?
    See the big one on top of your house that's casting a shadow? It's that one. Be sure when it moves out of the way, you backup again because eventually that cloud is going to be out-of-range and you won't be able to get your stuff back.
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    How do you sync Palm Profile. I just hard reset mine, contacts did not come back in. I had to use Chapura Manager via Wifi to get these from outlook.

    Big Note - 7 day trial period, so if this happens again, I have to pay $$$

    Now I can hand type, not where I want to go. Anyone?????????? I will give big thanks to you!!

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