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    Hi, I'm new here but I think everything you'll are doing with the pre is amazing! Recently I've seen some pre's with more icons on the launcher bar at the bottom of the screen or with more icons per page, and some other cool stuff too. I was just wondering how exactly do you get that on your phone, how long does it take, and what all can you do to your pre? Is it easy to mess up or break my phone in the process of doing this. I'm not an ***** but I really don't know a lot about programming or linux. Now I've heard of "rooting" but I'm not exactly sure how to do it. I currently am able to download apps from the homebrew app store but that is it. Also I am running Windows Vista 32 bit if that makes any difference because I had some trouble installing the homebrew app store on my phone

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    My two best friends are WebOSquickinstall and WebDoctor. The first to install tweaks and the second to wipe my phone when I mess it up.

    I haven't tried accessing linux on the phone. Not quite brave enough for that. Hopefully someone else will be able to pipe up and provide more assistance.
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    If I helped you or you have downloaded one of my files,
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    Ok so does this mean that if I want my pre do look like that I need to "root" it? Also is there anything that I would need to do after I root it.

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