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    Okay since I first bought this phone retail and activated it on alltel, I noticed the speaker is WEAK... but I read online from others that it sounds great... So I figured mine was just a little bit stupid out of the factory and dealt with its slight distortion at higher volumes. . .

    Today I pulled it out of my pocket while it was vibrating like crazy... phone call, no sound ? Sound is turned up all the way... hmm.. put the phone to my ear and I can hear the ringtone playing quietly at much distortion.


    I pulled the back off, looked at the speaker, I work on metal-fab all day long, I could see that there were metal shavings on the little guard of the speaker and some actually stuck to the speaker (stuck there by the magnet of the speaker)... So I grabbed some dust off and tried to get as much out as I could, no go... this is crap.

    I don't have another phone to activate because I'm an ex-iphone user... I really don't want to have to send it to palm and wait forever to get it back.. so all I have is my iphone 3G with a now disconnected service plan and I'm activated on alltel so sprint won't be handing me a replacement palm pre.

    I'm a techno geek and rip shi* apart all the time, does anyone know the part # / place to purchase a new speaker for this palm pre because I'm quite sure this speaker in mine is toast.

    This may sound awkward, but if I put my mouth around the speaker and suck a little bit, BAM, loud, crystal clear and bassy sound in my mouth, so the speaker's screwed up.
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    yeah sounds like your speakers blown , happened to me as well , i also had those little metal shavings stuck to it. Weird. But i decided to live with it until yeterday when my earpece speaker went out as well and i couldnt hear a basic phone call . i took it to sprint and they said 3-5 days for my free replacement.
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    Same thing happened to me twice - I'm in a similar business - I sharpen hockey skates. Got two replacements.
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    wow I was hoping Palm had improved quality control by now
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    LOL, NOT. Not much you can do other than sync your phone to your computer and then get it replaced.

    I have had to replace 2 of mine for this very issue. I got them replaced for free and I work in a metal/Fab shop. I also have a sneaky feeling that the laser beam frequency from our 3 sheet lasers may blow them out as well.
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    Wow, so three people who are working with steel have had this problem. I mean on my Treo, the dust would get pretty thick under there but never did I have it blow out on me.

    Now, I don't keep my phone by the skate sharpener, but obviously the exhaust doesn't get all of the particles.
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    This is interesting. I work a lot in a metal shop (lots of grinding, cutting, welding) a few times per week. My Pre's speaker has been pretty distorted lately on high volume, just sounding horrible when the ringtone goes off. There was a good bit of metal shavings on the screen, held in place by the magnetism of the speaker. The speaker itself, beneath the screen, looks like it has a crack running across it. There is definitely a line there that is not supposed to be there. I don't see any shavings having gotten through the screen, although where there are big shavings, there are powder/dust sized particles of metal as well, and those could have gotten through. I want to think that the shavings have little to do with how a crack formed down there, though.
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    Just happened to me today. Looks like I'll be on Pre #4 come Tuesday.
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    I lost two Pres to this as well - blown speaker, lots of little metal shavings on the speaker from the laser cutting shop I work in. Although, the second one blew as my ringtone was playing - I actually heard it pop and then become very quiet and distorted. So apparently there was way too much bass in the mp3 and the Pre can't handle it, and also unfortunately doesn't implement some sort of high pass filter to prevent that from happening. What I'm wondering now, though, is if the metal dust somehow weakens the speaker, setting it up for failure, since several of us here have experienced nearly the exact same thing.

    steve500 - any luck replacing the speaker? That's my plan too if this happens again (especially since it turns out best buy takes forever to get you your replacement)
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    My 2nd Pre is on the way as well - for this very reason...

    I work around metal all the time (fabrication - grinding/cutting) and the speaker has just grown gradually weaker until now where I can barely hear it. The earphone is actually substantially louder than the speaker..

    Since I'm within my 30 days - they are taking this Pre back and sending me a new one as a replacement. If I were outside the 30 days, they would have sent me a refurb (no thanks)...

    The UP-side to all of this is that Sprint has cut the price of the phone by $50 and they are sending me (and anyone else who has bought in the last 30 days) a $50 credit...

    I'm going to be watching the replacement phone carefully for the next few weeks - just one more glitch and back it goes.. I don't know what I'll replace it with. I'd like to stay with Sprint because I have really good coverage where I live and work.
    Regards - Randy

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    The gap between the magnet and the speaker diaphragm is a precise distance. The metal shavings pull the diaphragm too close to the magnet, and move the voice coil out of proper alignment. It happened to my treos and centro on occasion, but on these, the speaker is easier to clean. It has happened on my pre once, and I got a replacement, because I couldn't clean the speaker. My solution on my new unit was to cut a piece of papertowel and put it between the speaker and back cover. It's easily removable and replaceable and. I can't tell any difference in fidelity, not that the speaker was HIFI anyways.

    Funny that somebody said that they could pull on the speaker with their mouth. When I first realized this issue on a Samsung phone that did the same thing years back, this became the default test for me. Ha ha.
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    Whelp, it happened to me again.

    Any idea whether Sprint Stores are now pulling the speakers out and repairing them or do I have to get a new phone? I'll try the towel trick after this for sure.
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    I work with metal/ fab also and now my speaker is acting up. My ear piece speaker is not working at all. I can changed to speaker phone during a call and hear the other person fine. I am not having any trouble out of my rear speaker but I also keep my phone on vibrate the only time the speaker plays is for an alarm.
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    Launch day Pre fine until the speaker blew last week - wanted to wait for 1.2 to come out (for Classic Hoysync - sweet!), before I replaced it.

    I hear the backup to the "cloud" doesn't really backup very much at all. ;-(

    The yellow blotches on the screen aren't that bad and I was going to live with them, but the speaker now sounds like crap - so, it's time to swap it out.
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    Wow. A lot of people having the same problem... hope you have participated in my exchange poll and describe your problem.

    I thought the only speaker problem is the one where you have to unplug and plug a headset into the jack to get it working again.
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    UPDATE... My ear piece speaker starting working again when I ran WEBOS doctor on my phone. Not fun to start fresh but it worked.....
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    Noticed weeks ago that the outside speaker was really scratchy towards the higher end of the volume selection. It appeared to be getting worse until about three days ago where its pretty much non usable now . . Any thing past the 2nd or 3rd bar. speaker phone or playing music is completely garbled. Not cool !

    Side Notes: Bought from first batch of Pre's sold 6 June.

    -Also have cracks forming and spreading in towards the screen on 3 of 4 corners of the front cover. Not the glass, the plastic ( Sprint Store Rep was quick to say it's abuse and I would have to make an ins claim. No F***n WAY ).
    -Camera prog stopped working a few weeks back. WEBOS Dr. and 1.04 -1.2 no help.
    -Seems to have a hard time keeping a signal. ( Not so on my Palm Centro ).
    -After 1.2. the audio will no longer auto switch after unplugging/plugging in head phone jack.

    Any others with similar/multiple issues ??? Could really use some help because Sprint refuses to fix any of it because of the cracks . . .
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    I also work in polishing and grinding and have had this problem over the years with different phones. I had hoped that with the palm pre they have found a way to overcome this problem, but i guess not. Its hard to believe they can make a phone so powerful and miss something simple. Im with the guy that wants to replace the speaker himself rather than wait for Sprint. The paper towel between the case and speaker sounds like a good idea. Also someone on here said to put tape over the speaker. Could you still here it then? What a hasel.
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    I shipped it back to Plam, hopefully they will replace it. Just took my backup phone ( Samsung A920 ) apart to clean the amazing sounding dual speakers. I drop this phone atleast twice a day and 3 long years later this phone still works like new ! My Centro took it like a champ for a year also untill I slammed it in a car door ! Im horribly dissapointed to witness the ( Pre ) coolest phone ever fall apart within months . . . Camera stopped working, External Speaker Blown and Random cracking. They could easily make an optional "Tougher" case. At least protective cases that didnt go flying in opposite directions when the phone was dropped ! Same issue with the Centro. Every drop and the two halves of the case went flying !
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    I too have had the same misfortune with metal shavings destroying my loud speaker. However this is not my first rodeo, I have had to replace the speaker in my BB curve twice. Has anyone had luck finding replacement parts? I found a great site with instructions on how to disassemble the pre ( ) but have had no luck finding a new speaker. How are you others getting free replacments? Sprint told me it would be 100 to make an Insurance claim... ***? If I can get a speaker for less than 10 like I did with my BB I'd much rather do that. Any insite would be awsome. Deffinatly gonna try the paper towel trick though.
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