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    Palm Pre: The Missing Manual Published

    Call off the sniffer dogs and the search choppers, folks: the Palm Pre's Missing Manual has been found! For some odd reason Palm neglected to include copies of this weighty 287-page tome in the Pre's packaging. (Possibly because it would have had to have been shredded and compacted into a tiny cube of paper pulp in order to fit.)

    But I digress. O'Reilly's new book is written by USA Today personal-tech columnist Ed Baig, includes a CD-ROM and (most importantly) is in full-color for maximum prettiness. Covering everything from gestures to media, it promises to "help you go from newcomer to expert in no time" and comes in both dead-tree and ebook editions, which will set you back $24.99 and $19.99, respectively. Or $27.49 for those greedy types who just have to have it all. It ships this week.
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    Sprint puts their phone manuals online on the sprint web site. This is old news the manuals been out online before the pre went on sale, besides all I need is a few hours with the phone.
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    Do you have a link?
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    Sprint - Define Region

    Click on the "More info" under the Palm Pre and then a box will pop out. Scroll to the bottom and click on guides and tutorials and then click on user guide.

    If you have problem pm me with your email and I'll save it and email it to you. It's a PDF file.
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    thanks much for the info
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    I think this was about the O'Reilly's Palm WebOS book (what some of you remember as being "Palm WebOS Rough Cuts"), not the actual Sprint/Palm manual. Maybe I'm wrong though...
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    Good find, thanks. I was hoping they would provide more keyboard shortcuts such as Orange-Shift-P to put a screencap in the photos app.

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