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    My phone has the USB crack as well. Almost extending to the touchscreen. A technician ordered me a refurb after a brief inspection, and it should be in the store in the next day or so.

    Not bad, considering I have a launch day Pre. I guess it all depends on where you go.
    did you go to the sprint store? and u had insurance ?
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    Sprint replaced mine with a refurbished one. Looks brand new. I had insurance, but the did not charge me anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SISGO View Post
    did you go to the sprint store? and u had insurance ?
    Went to a Sprint store with technicians. I have insurance, but am not having using it. Sprint is replacing the phone with a refurbished one under warranty.
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    I had a usb crack on my launch-day Pre. I've been so happy with it, I didn't want to change. Well, the crack began to spread, so I went to the store where I always received excellent customer service. They looked at it and told me I had to go through the insurance and pay $100...end of discussion.

    I left the store and called Sprint and explained my disappointment. They call ended with Sprint agreeing to send me a replacement in about three days.

    The next morning at 11:30am, I got the usual email informing me my order had been shipped.

    To my delight, UPS arrived at 1pm with my replacement Pre and a postage paid envelop to return my old charge.

    I don't know if it's a refurb or not, but it looks and performs as new.

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    I had the infamous spiderweb crack on my screen along with a developing USB crack. Sprint was no help, so I called up Palm. They wouldn't do advance exchange, so I agreed to send in my Pre for repair and for the time being, switch back to my BlackBerry.

    I'm so glad my Pre finally came back to me yesterday. It looked and felt brand new. Same serial number, but it looked like Palm basically transplanted the internals of my old Pre into a new Pre shell. Slider is tighter (ie. no oreo), power button is tighter, ringer key is tighter, keyboard doesn't creak anymore. Overall, this has a much better build quality than my old Pre (which wasn't even that bad in the first place).

    Only problem was that it was stuck in Phone Offline mode and wouldn't activate at first. However, I kept on trying and eventually I was able to load my Palm profile and it has been working fine since.

    For those wondering if you have a refurb Pre go to the phone app, and dial ##786#. There should be a reconddate and recondstatus.
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    ok so I got refurbished pre from palm... all is working fine no oreo effect etc... it was refurbished last month lol....

    anyway now it's a time to doctor my old pre and send it back to palm
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    does anyone know how long it usually takes for palm to let you know If they won't charge for the fix if it's a cosmetic damage? They received my pre 2 days ago and nobody let me know yet

    i'm doing the advance exchange
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