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    WOW!!! I had the same crack. I'll just reading this. I had my since 6-6-09 and took it to sprint they did a insurance claim and it cost me $100.00 bucks. The store said they never saw this, How about that?
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    I didn't know anything about this being a common problem when I took mine into the Sprint store a few weeks ago. They looked at it for all of 10 seconds before telling me that my free replacement would be there in a few days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lon54 View Post
    . The store said they never saw this, How about that?
    yeah i find that hard to beleive.
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    2 out of 3 pre's we bought from Sprint in June have cracks propagating from the USB port. After living several months with the crack, my screen developed another crack on screen edge opposited the screen edge of the USB port. I sent my phone back to palm. They would not provide a phone in advance, so I'm without a phone for 5 to seven days. I like this phone som much, I'm willing to buy another, but I feel this is a defect that is not getting official recognition. The statistics of one family having 2 out of 3 Pre's developing screen cracks at the USB port is a strong indicator that there was probably a bad production lot of phones that have this cracking problem. If palm tells me my crack is due to user induced damage, I'll be upset, and probably suck up what they ask for a repair cost. I'll post the final outcome. I should have taken a picture of my phone, but I'll post a picture of my son's screen crack.
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    I have the usb port crack. Never dropped the phone hard. It fell off end table and fell on carpet. Never handled rough.
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    Gah. I thought that the only "known" issue was the crack from the center button. I just called and filed my claim after a repair shop told me this was a no-go (because it was not a "known" issue). I did have the deductible billed to my account... Will Sprint give it back to me? I do have some dings on the side.. but the USB crack happened all by itself. will that affect my chances? (especially since I have already filed the claim. I don;t really have the time to deal with this... I found a phone number that people have success with but I think it might be too late now that I've filed the claim. Any ideas?

    Oh man.

    (407) 531-4496 that's the palm support number... which doesn't help me much since I've been dealing with Sprint...
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    Anyone with USB door cracks check out:

    Pre - Usb Door Cracks - PreCentral Poll - webOS Hardware - Palm Support Community


    Trying to get everything in one spot and get some attention from Palm on the issue.
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    This is my followup in this thread. Received my repaired phone from Palm repair center within 5 days from the date they received my phone. They replaced the cracked screen and did not charge me, which is satisfactory. I wish the local Sprint repair center would have responded the same, but I had to go through Palm repair to get the cracked screen repaired without cost (although it did cost me $32 to send them an insured 2 day delivery time package, and additional fees for using Skype).
    During those 5 days, I used my old HTC Fuze with Skype. I'm much more appreciative of the speed and user interface on the Pre after those 5 days of windows mobile 6.1 proffessional/HTC Touch.
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    Every day I keep coming across a new problem with the Pre Plus. This is becoming very tiring and my faith in palm is slowly diminishing. I've had the treo line of products in the past with build quality bar none - no issues whatsoever; but this new Pre phone seems to have been made by some of the cheapest construction out there.

    It's no wonder their numbers are dropping and not looking good on wall street. What good is a great OS if you have lousy build quality? This phone is going to cost Palm a big price, by losing lots of money on quality-issue replacements.

    I too have just noticed this crack right to the side of my USB port. I have babied this phone - there is no way I could have treated it any better! I cannot believe all the problems I've experienced in 2 weeks of purchasing the Pre Plus. I'm beginning to think this is going to hurt palm big time...

    Hurts me to post this - I am a big time Palm fan....
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    I sent my Pre off to o2 for these cracks, after 2 weeks of 'further investigation' i have the phone back. No repairs or anything. They said it was user damage and that it was a 102 repair fee... Iv sent these, plus a hell of a load of other pics to Palm, following the advice of their tech support. No im waiting to hear a verdict on what will come of it

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    Anyone still getting that dreaded screen crack?

    I had my pre since end of June/beg. of July and had no problems with it except some scratches on the mirror and keyboard edges from the slider. Had a dead pixel only visible during start up. Well, phone was in my pocket the while I was working, took it out and noticed smudges. Looked closer and realized they were not smudges but they were cracks. touch didn't work. Nothing. Sucked so bad. also, had a screen protector and the sprint slider case on it.

    Went 2 days without a phone and then during some free time took a trip to the sprint store, they swapped it out. New phone aka refurbish is glorious. No problems. Keyboard feels a little better than the one that I had. This one feels harder, mine was gummier. But yeah, I'm happy with my swap.

    You guys still getting that spiderweb crack on the screen? or not so much these days?
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    just read this thread 2 hours ago, and I am posting this on my replacement pre. I simply went to the store where I purchased the pre and as soon as I mentioned the crack the rep began shaking her head indicating she was familar with this defect/problem. No charge no questions they simply gave me another phone.
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    I'm one of the (up until now) lucky ones, on my first issue Pre which I've had since Sprint's release day 1. Last week a hairline fracture appeared on the edge of the USB port, no more than 1 mm. The crack has now spread downward and is creeping slowly toward the touchscreen. Is this something that the Sprint store will replace or do I need to go through that insurance program? Sorry, I know there are probably hundreds of posts on this topic, but I've got 2 kids in soccer and karate and a husband having an appendectomy, and don't have a whole lot of time. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Nice title .
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    Definitely check with a Sprint repair center first. I've read many places that they are "aware" of the screen cracking issue. One of my coworkers has the exact same problem. A crack started at his USB port and worked its way toward the screen. Another common place for cracks to start is at the center button. Point is, if it is a manufacturing defect rather than misuse, it should be replaced under warranty.
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    As long as you say you did not cause the crack... dropped my phone and broke the power button, got a new one free of charge... just don't say anything about how it happened.

    I was told by a sprint rep that they are replacing any pre that has any problem because of so many complaints.

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    Nope. We're currently not covering that per Palm's instruction.. it's considered physical damage, and with insurance you can make a claim. Eventually, your touchscreen is going to go out, so you should replace it soon.

    The screen cracking that we are replacing under warranty are tiny spider cracks stemming upward from the center button.
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    i just saw this yesterday in the morning , the crack start from the usb slot going to the touchscreen, there is a really small part in the touchscreen allready , im really scare the crack continue and crack all my touchscreen , the weird part is my phone never get hit and never fell before!
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    the infamous usb crack...

    that sucks

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    i know , is sucks im really ****ed off! Angry

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