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    I've had my Pre for a little under three weeks and it started with a slight oreo and now it's turned into a sever oreo and sometimes when I slide it open it turns off. This is very frustrating and Verizon wants me to pay $100 to fix it!

    Basically I want to know what number to call to get Palm to replace it, it's still under the 90 day defect warranty and I want one that's not defected.
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    Verizon? Haha I think you mean Sprint... unless you somehow flashed the phone to work on Verizon... which is on offered by them at all at this point in time.
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    It's a troll. Very first post and he's asking us what a CSR is going to say, mixing up Sprint with Verizon and Severe with Server.

    If this is real I'd like to think he would save time and just call them.
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    Sorry English is not my first language. I meant Sprint. I just made the switch over from Verizon, I'm so use to dealing with Verizon that it slipped out. I would call, but I don't know the number to speak to someone about replacement. All I can find is setup help.
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    Sprint's phone number is 888-211-4727.
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    I want to deal directly with Palm, not Sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by riseagainst540 View Post
    I want to deal directly with Palm, not Sprint.
    Well thats not going to be an option right away for you, You have to go through the right channels first in order to get the help you want. What do you expect us to do?

    1. Call Sprint
    2. If they can not help you then they will usually give you the number to Palm if you need that information
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