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    I give up....I've searched all over the place but no answer. I have several pics loaded on photobucket and want to know if there's a way to get them on my Pre? Is there a bettter site to upload and download pics from my phone??
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    Can't you download them from the pc. Or better yet try to use the preload app that allows you to download images. All you need is the image url
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    filecoaster will do the same thing... if you can copy the text field from photobucket.
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    Go to

    Find the pic you want to download

    Click on "Get URLs"

    Highlight the text under "Direct Link" and copy it

    Use FileCoaster or similar program to download the pic
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    open Photobucket..choose the picture you want....right-click and save as...then plug in your Pre using usb up your photo folder and drag those pics in there. DONE.
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    Thx for the ideas...I was hoping for something easier likesprint picture site

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