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    Bought my pre about a month ago and now I'm starting to notice that the small round button and the ear piece speaker are both starting to peel. I'm curious as to whether anybody else has this problem. I know a friend that has the same issue.

    Also, will warranty or insurance cover this?

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    Would it be possible to post a picture of the peeling problem you are having elsnty?
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    Every Treo i've owned pilled on the D-pad other than my third 800 & Pro so this isn't exactly a new problem with palm devices however its cosmetic & insurance doesn't care if you spend 100 dollars they'll send you the phone
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    can't post pictures due to my post count. it's frustrating to look at, but i'm not sure if i'd pay $100 for a replacement...

    thanks guys
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    I wouldn't
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    I had the same problem and I brought it in to the Sprint store and they swapped if for new.
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    No peeling yet, but I'm predicting Sprint will be replacing my Pre (I'm on Pre #3 right now) at least three more times before my contract is up.

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