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    so there is a little problem with my pre. when i got to my messaging thing it keeps on saying there are no conversations and when i text certain people the convo will show up but on others it doesnt. can anyone help me with this and are any of you guys having the same problem. i was thinking of doing a full reset but would i lose all my contacts when my phone is fully reset?

    please help out.
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    Yes, if you reset the device, you will lose your contacts. I'd suggest backing them up either through a Sprint store or Google/Exchange/one of the other sync clients on the phone. This is no easy task, I just had to do it for my 300+ contacts, but now I have a copy of them on my computer if anything ever happens to the phone.

    In my completely unprofessional opinion that has no firm backing, I'd say a simple solution would probably be to reset the phone. That basically fixes all. But you will also lose all.
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    actually you shouldn't lose all your contact, as long as you set up a google account for contacts. After you do this, add the google account to your contacts program on the Pre and tell it to sync. Then log in here: , and make sure all the contacts you want to back up are there (plus you can modify and delete them here as well)

    After that's done, you have all your contacts stored on google's servers.

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