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    I used the NFL Mobile Live app on my old Instinct, and really enjoyed it. Near real-time graphic overhead view of the field for current drives, and sometimes even the live radio feeds would work. Player and game stats were easily available.

    The Pre version doesn't offer any of this, AND has a huge memory leak that will eventually lock up your phone as it chews up available resources.

    Is there an update in the works, or is this the best we can expect?
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    Didn't someone already address this from you? I was just watching the Browns game and had an overhead of drives last night... Feeds will most likely come during the regular season, as mentioned.
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    I receive the live current drive data etc. in a more sophisticated version than the Instinct. We will see if live audio works in the reular has been promised.
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    How did you all see that? I was trying to watch the Pittsburg game last night, but the local station was only playing Baltimore. I was using the NFL Mobile Live app to keep me updated while watching the Baltimore game. The mobile live app #1 didn't update the score chart on its own, I had to hit "home" every once in awhile to get updated, #2 Didn't send the alerts I subscribed to (I subscribed to start, score, 2 min warnings, halftime, final, big game video and only got 2 min warning, halftime, final) and #3 didn't see a way for it to do anything other than show a score card.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of the app, and even the limited features it has now, but I didn't see this drive chart you all are talking about, nor can I find live audio / video that was supposed to be in the app, it doesn't update properly, and it doesn't alert properly. Heck, the app sends you a text rather than use the notification feature like it should..

    I understand the Pre is a new OS and it will take time to get everything right. I get that, and have no complaints with the device that I can't tolerate until things get squared away, even if that takes until the next device. As I said, I really like the app THEORY, and even the limited features it has now, but I sincerely hope they plan on updating/fixing/adding features to the app or someone comes out with a third party app. I could be crazy, but it seems like Palm and all the companies writing programs for the actual store are spending 90% of their time on appearnces, than slap some BS functionality together and figure they can just update slowly. I would much rather a strong device that can make me leave my laptop at home that maybe doesn't look as pretty at first, or even looks good AND rivals my laptop, than have a super pretty "iphone killer" that is simply a multimedia phone like the apple, and not a true smartphone. I really hope this is just the beginning and everyones trying to get everything together, and not the new face of what once was a company that was the standard for smartphones.
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    If you hit the "Current Drive" link below the scoreboard you can see a live play-by-play with a drive summary view.

    But I agree, alerts via text is horrible and absolutely ridiculous.

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