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    Ok, this is my list of Homebrew application (system wise) that every one should/must have:

    1.Filecoaster or Preware - both allow you to download applications. Note there are some big differences between the two programs; but for this post I'm strickly talking about downloading apps.

    2.DevMode - unless you like typing updownup.....

    3. that's all folks.

    Whats your list for must have system homebrew apps?
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    Forced roam

    Landscape viewing
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    Palm needs to make some moves in the near future im getting disappointed with Pre and and WebOS, thinking of going back with windows
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    For me, the must haves are:

    Preware and/or FileCoaster
    Music (Remix)
    Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy

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    Mine are...

    Shoutcast (not sure how the Pre didn't come with this out of the box)

    I have a bunch of others installed but losing the functionality (and hilarity) provided by those would suck.
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    I should also mention that none of this would have been possible for me if it wasn't for Jason and WebOSQuickinstall. So I have to say that more than anything is my MUST HAVE!

    I came from WinMo and can't say I miss it one bit with the exception of eReader Pro. I'm crossing my fingers that will be down the pipeline soon.

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