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    It's happened 3 times today, after my contacts randomly decided to disappear. Ever since, I've had this happen 3 times - it just pops up and tells me to restart. It boots into the activation screen (confirm english, sign into profile, restore backup, etc).

    So, of course, that means I lose my contact links and whatnot. Has anyone else had this issue? It's becoming a nightmare.
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    Man, I just initiated an erase from the palm site, and the phone restarted and has been booting back up for what seems like way, way too long. Does it always take a long time? I'm getting very frustrated.
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    Well, if anyone wants to hear about my trials and tribulations (and that's the point of this forum, right? Whining? Good.)

    I never thought it would work, but I found some great advice in another thread about removing the battery, plugging in with the volume up button held, reinserting the battery, and getting into USB mode. That finally let me run webos doc and get everything reset to lame, lame factory defaults, but at least i have a working pre again.

    Now to see if it starts screwing up and restarting again. If so, back to best buy it goes! Anyone with advice / similar problems to mine please let me know. Thanks!

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