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    I owned a Treo since the 600 days and loved to hack them to make them work the way I wanted. Walked into a Bell store in Kitsalano and they had an exclusive airtime promo as follows for $50/month and it was too hard to refuse.

    So now I have my trusty Treo 650 sitting beside me with my life on it and trying to figure out how to make the Pre sync up all that information and get some of my beloved Palm OS apps to port over.


    I hope to contribute here again like I did back in the day and help the Pre work as well as the Treos did for so long.
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    MC - many of us came from Treos as I did. Do a search here and you'll find the information to re-load your data from Treo to Pre AND on the Palm site there is a page dedicated to migrating your data over as well.

    Good luck - welcome to the world of Pre
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    Thanks for the kind welcome back to the forum.

    I am pretty sure the information I need is here somewhere. It has just been a long time since I powered up that Treo 600 and posted up a bunch of hacks to make apps work and finding easter eggs in the system.

    So off I go searching.

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