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    My Power button broke.

    Physical button contact doesn't work at all.

    Is there anyone that knows how to write a simple homebrew app that has one big button that will turn off the screen.

    I'll like to put that app on my quick launch bar so that even though my power button no longer works I can still turn the screen off or emulate the power button off from the quick launch or an open card of this "power off app".

    Thanks in advance if there are any WebOS developers that have a little bit of time to build a simple app like this.

    PS (I do have the homebrew restart app already for when I need to do a soft reset. My main interest in this app is to just turn off the screen.)
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    why not call palm for a warranty exchange?
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    I didn't buy any of the extended warranty. I bought mine on release day. Do you think I can still get a new one?

    In anycase I would still like an app that sits in the quick launchbar so that I can save wear and tear on any future unit.

    If anybody knows how to do this, it would be great. I'd be willing to paypal a small thank you of $10 or so. (I know that's not alot for writing an app... but hopefully it's only a card with a button that calls a function with a handful of lines of lines of code.)
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    I did call Sprint. They sent me to Palm. Palm wants to restart my phone and if that doesn't work, they are going to do a remote wipe and if that doesn't work I'll get to send the phone in for repair/replacement.

    The software attempts aren't going to do anything. It's definitely a hardware problem, the phone button doesn't click at all.

    Representative said 5 to 7 days from receipt of the phone. I have 6 days left to call them back (without charge) and 280+ days to cover the hardware of the phone (I bought mine on launch day.)

    Not excited about losing my phone for a week now. Happy that it seems likely that the warranty will cover it.

    Still going to pursue a power off app because I can't see another unit being any better as I've baby'd the unit, but I probably just turn it on and off more than normal use.
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    how would u turn it back on if u got it to turn off? just wondering is all.
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    Opening the slider turns the device on. You can also use dg Quick cut homebrew to make a restart shortcut. Just need the same thing for power off. Will send back my pre for warranty but not ready to do that for a week or so.
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    I wanna try and resume this post because I have a broken power button and the contact plunger is gone due to me trying to pull it out with glue. Im requesting just an app that does the same as the power button so i can put it on my bottom bar.
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    there is one called screenoff
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    This happened to me yesterday, went to the Sprint store and they couldn't fix it, replacement Pre arrives tomorrow. I did have the insurance though.
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    I had that probelm. My local Sprint store said it was common and they could fix it. I ended up getting a new (refurb) phone because there were other problems, but it sounded like an easy fix that their Tech does same-day, on-site. You might want to look into getting it fixed locally. Or you might troll the net for instructions on how to fix it yourself.
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    I believe this is what you are looking for...

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